2016 Enhanced RL and SRL Initiative


​Happy New Year! W​e have been receiving a number of inquires about the status of the 2016 FMA application and wanted to provide you all with an update.  We understand that a press release was issued by Senators Booker and Menendez stating the grant has been awarded.  This is a large project notification process that allows Congress to distribute a press release for anything over $1 million.  While this is a good sign, the State and County have not officially received the award from FEMA.

As of January 3, 2018, awards are being delayed by FEMA 2.  It is estimated that NJOEM and Cape May County should hear about the award by the end of March.  Once they receive award notice, the process should begin with a kick-off meeting between NJOEM and Cape May County.  If you should have any concerns about the grant status, please reach out to your Congressperson and/or Senator.  

Please continue to check back as we are keeping the website up-to-date as information is received.


Cape May County submitted a grant application under the 2016 Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) program in May 2016.  In November 2017, Senators Menendez and Booker released a press release announcing federal funding from FEMA for the elevation of 38 structures.  At this time, Cape May County has not received official notification of the grant award.  The approval process involves FEMA notifying the State, the State notifying the County.  A State Local Agreement must be developed and signed by FEMA, the State and the County.  Once that agreement is signed by all, the project can commence.  It is not known when the State Local Agreement will be signed by all required parties.  Once it is signed, all participating homeowners will be notified by the County about the next steps. 

Below are some recommended actions you can take at this time.

  • Make a copy of your most current flood insurance policy.  Expiration date must be in 2018.

  • Document any insurance payments you have received as a result of Hurricane Sandy (October 2012) and/or Winter Storm Jonas (January 2016)

  • Document and obtain receipts of all repairs you have made with insurance proceeds since January 2012 (structure payments)

  • Ensure you understand what are eligible and ineligible costs of the elevation project

  • Understand your matching share amount of funding

  • Begin to research reputable elevation contractors.    http://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/ocp/Pages/hec.aspx

  • Obtain your elevation certificate from municipal office (engineer, zoning, floodplain administrator)

  • Continue to check this website for updated information

Participating Property Owners - Please click here to view the property owner information tracking spreadsheet associated with the Cape May County 2016 FMA application.

Pending successful further review, we anticipate further information on an award will be issued in the fall of 2017, which would lead to homeowners being able to start work in the spring of 2018. Please note that most costs incurred prior to formal notice to proceed are not eligible for reimbursement under this grant program.

We encourage property owners to get formal quotes from qualified elevation contractors, and continue to coordinate with your community so that you will be able to move forward expeditiously once the grant is fully approved and the community provides you with formal notice to proceed.

Property owners need to be aware of the following conditions associated with this grant program:

  • This is a reimbursement program; thus property owners will be responsible for covering costs and then applying for reimbursement once the project is completed. The County is currently working with several local lending institutions that may be able to provide "bridge loans" for mitigation projects.

  • RL property owners will be responsible for the 10% "local share" of their mitigation project.

  • Properties mitigated using Federal mitigation grant funding are required to maintain NFIP flood insurance on the property in perpetuity. This flood insurance requirement becomes part of the property deed.


Please continue to visit this site to obtain updated information on this offering.

All property owners who are interested in elevating their properties are strongly encouraged to get and provide estimates, which should be at no charge. There are a number of elements involved in a complete elevation project, including:

  • Architectural Design and Engineering

  • Utility Disconnects (electric, gas, water, sewer)

  • Elevation / Foundation / Fill / Carpentry

  • Electrical Finish Work

  • HVAC Finish Work

  • Plumbing Finish Work

  • Interior / Exterior Finish Work

While all elevation contractors will provide costs for the "lift," some may perform or manage (sub-contract) some or all of these steps. Be sure to understand what specifically is included in each estimate you receive, and ask each contractor for their advice on how to get estimates for the project elements that they are not bidding.

Click here to see an example of an estimate for a complete elevation project.

Your municipal building department may be able to provide a list of local general contractors and/or elevation contractors who are experienced with managing complete elevation projects.