2017 FMA Grant Program

The 2017 Ocean City FEMA FMA application to elevate 44 structures in the municipalities of:  North Wildwood; Ocean City; Sea Isle City; Stone Harbor; Upper Township; West Wildwood and Wildwood has been approved by the State and submitted to FEMA for review and approval.  This application is part of the FEMA nationwide competitive 2017 FMA Grant Program.  The FEMA review and approval timeframe may take over a year to complete.  Any updates received regarding this application will be posted on the project website this webpage.  If and when this project is approved by FEMA, you will be notified and your continued participation and proof of flood insurance will be verified.  We wish to thank you all for your due diligence providing the necessary documentation for this application as well as your continued support.

For those that participated in the grant process, an email was distributed on October 9, 2017 informing you that your property was included in the application.  

Property owners should we aware of the following conditions associated with this grant program: 

  • This is a reimbursement program; thus property owners will be responsible for all costs and then requesting eligible expense reimbursement once the project is completed.  Click here for eligible and ineligible activities
  • RL property owners will be responsible for the 10% "local share" of their mitigation project
  • Non designated (not SRL or RL) insured property owners will be responsible for the 25% “local share” of their mitigation project
  • Properties mitigated using Federal mitigation grant funding are required to maintain NFIP flood insurance on the property in perpetuity. This flood insurance requirement becomes part of the property deed.  For a sample of deed language to be recorded, click here.


We encourage property owners to get formal quotes from qualified elevation contractors, and continue to coordinate with your community so that you will be able to move forward expeditiously once the grant is fully approved and the community provides you with formal notice to proceed.  Here is a checklist of questions to ask your general contractor and information on hiring home improvement contractors.

Please continue to visit this site to obtain information on this grant application.